Storing documents in paper form is becoming increasingly difficult while using local workstations and network drives poses security and data loss risks. The volume of documents to be archived continues to rise exponentially. In addition, organizations must comply with stringent internal and legal mandates covering who may handle documents and how, as well as how long documents must be retained.

We help clients address these challenges through our CGI Digital Archive service, which enables them to better store, access, and use documents across the enterprise. Through CGI Digital Archive, documents can be safefly stored and easily searched from anywhere, at any time, using document metadata.


Key features of Digital Archive

CGI Digital Archive

Suitable for long-term document retention, CGI Digital Archive features tools that ensure efficient and cost-effective document storage and management throughout the document life cycle. These tools also ensure compliance with government regulations and automatically delete documents based on applicable retention schedules.

consultants discussing document management

Client benefits

  • Customize based on your unique business requirements, activities, and application environments
  • Archive throughout the entire document life cycle
  • Archive documents from different systems without the need for data duplication
  • Easily analyze information in electronic form
  • Control access management
  • Comply with legal requirements

CGI Digital Archive offers analytics that improve the efficiency of document reporting, provide detailed assessments of changes in document volumes, and help identify issues that may arise in archiving processes.

Business Analytics

Client benefits

  • Metrics supporting organizational document management objectives
  • Comprehensive and at-a-glance views of document management processes
  • Analytics that drive improvements to enhance the organization’s performance and competitiveness

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CGI Digital Archive is part of our CGI DataCycle 360 digital platform, which enables you to manage your documents automatically, including transferring, updating, signing, and archiving documents. If you’re interested in learning how CGI Digital Archive and/or CGI DataCycle360 can transform your organization’s document management, contact us today.