CGI Purchase to Pay is a digital solution that manages all stages of the purchasing life cycle—from purchase requests, to invoice approvals, to payments, to archiving and analytics. Through automated workflows and artificial intelligence, CGI Purchase to Pay simplifies and optimizes purchasing processes, eliminating cumbersome and manual processes. It digitizes supplier contract signing, shopping lists, purchase requests, invoice approvals, and archiving, shortening procurement turnaround by up to 95%.

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CGI Purchase to Pay benefits

  • Greater resource allocation: Through AI, CGI Purchase to Pay enables clients to reallocate resources to more strategic initiatives.
  • Increased cost savings: Both automation and AI deliver efficiencies that reduce procurement costs.
  • Shortened turnaround: By digitizing their end-to-end procurement processes, clients shorten their procurement turnaround by up to 95%.
  • Higher productivity: Fully automated workflows boost productivity across the purchasing life cycle.
  • Increased transparency: Up-to-date and centralized information enables quick response in each phase of the procurement life cycle. CGI Purchase to Pay creates and archives audit trail information on all actions. For example, you can quickly determine who submitted a purchase request or approved an invoice.

  • Purchasing
    Our Web Shop purchasing system enables easy purchasing. Also, client ERP system procurement features and other purchasing systems can be used with our solution. It is suitable for all buyers—from procurement professionals to users who make occasional purchases.
  • Contract management
    Contract management capabilities automate the processing of contract-based and recurring invoices. In addition, they streamline the archiving, search, and renewal of procurement contracts.
  • Order processing
    Our order processing feature uses versatile automation functions, such as purchase invoice allocation for received orders. Simplified procedures minimize work time and standardize data. In addition, you can easily link this feature to other procurement systems, such as the SAP Purchasing System.
  • Purchase invoice processing
    Fully automated and AI-supported, our purchase invoice processing feature can be used with or without a purchasing system (e.g., for automatic posting and routing, with versatile automation functions).
  • Memo voucher approval
    Our memo voucher approval feature enables the automated approval of vouchers for accounting. Vouchers and purchase invoices are easily retrievable within the same system.
  • Analytics
    With our analytics feature, you can examine the functionality of the entire supply chain and identify areas for improvement, such as centralizing purchases to a certain supplier for quantity discounts. Separate parts of the process can also be analyzed to identify issues, such as process bottlenecks.


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CGI Purchase to Pay is part of our CGI DataCycle 360 digital platform, which enables you to manage your documents automatically, including transferring, updating, signing, and archiving documents. If you’re interested in learning how CGI Purchase to Pay and/or CGI DataCycle360 can transform your organization’s document management, contact us today.