Sales invoicing dispersed across multiple systems adds unnecessary steps to the sales invoicing life cycle and incurs significant costs. By centralizing sales invoicing processes into CGI Sales Invoicing, the life cycle becomes simpler and more efficient.

Deploying new services is also easier because our digital solution is compatible with different environments and processes. CGI Sales Invoicing provides advanced tools for processing individual invoices, handling recurring invoicing based on fixed invoices, and processing invoice materials generated by front-end systems.

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Benefits of centralized sales invoicing

  • Significant cost savings: Total sales invoicing costs are significantly reduced when all processes, including e-invoices, direct payments, and digital archiving, are deployed centrally. In addition, late payments, interest invoicing, and payment reminders are handled more cost-effectively via a single system.
  • More efficient processes: CGI Sales Invoicing is easily adaptable to different environments and invoicing processes. Fully customizable integration interfaces enable the solution to be flexibly connected to different types of operational systems, debt collection software, and financial management systems. It also reduces the need for manual work due to its numerous automated features.
  • Data security: CGI Sales Invoicing ensures full compliance with data security requirements and provides a complete audit trail.
  • Knowledge management: Analytics within CGI Sales Invoicing provide an overall view of sales invoices handled in the invoicing process. This helps to identify process bottlenecks and make changes accordingly. In the analytics view, you can examine the status of sales invoicing either by operation, organization, and even on an employee level.

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CGI Sales Invoicing is part of our CGI DataCycle 360 digital platform, which enables you to manage your documents automatically, including transferring, updating, signing, and archiving documents. If you’re interested in learning how CGI Sales Invoicing and/or CGI DataCycle360 can transform your organization’s document management, contact us today.