Traditionally, document signing has been location and time dependent and often involves lengthy processes. In addition, documents are passed from desk to desk, creating data security risks. When signing parties cannot be physically present in the same place, documents must be hand delivered or sent by mail.

CGI Signature overcomes these challenges, enabling documents to be signed anywhere, anytime using bank, smart card, or mobile ID authentication. CGI Signature also automatically archives signed documents, which reduces data security risks and enables the documents to be easily located later.

Digitally signing documents

Benefits of digital signing

  • Shorter turnaround: Reduce signing processes from days or hours to minutes. Signing parties can agree on services and sign for services faster.
  • Single automated process: Because the entire undersigning process is digital, all signing stages are covered in a single process, including automated archiving, driving efficiencies and cost savings. Further, the time saved can be devoted to customer service, sales, etc.
  • Greater sustainability: The digital signing process is more environment-friendly than paper methods.

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CGI Signature is part of our CGI DataCycle 360 digital platform, which enables you to manage your documents automatically, including transferring, updating, signing, and archiving documents. If you’re interested in learning how CGI Signature and/or CGI DataCycle360 can transform your organization’s document management, contact us today.