Through our data archiving managed services, clients gain the advantages of experienced data archiving specialists and innovative technology while redirecting staff to more strategic and revenue-driving initiatives, such as business development or digital transformation.

CGI Archiving as a Service delivers a secure and efficient way to archive and manage business-critical data while ensuring easy access to documents and compliance with required retention periods. It consists of two separate services, Retirement Factory and CGI Digital Archive, which manage the overall archiving process but can be implemented separately.

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Benefits of centralized archiving

  • Greater data usability
    A centralized archive repository ensures fast data access. Audit reports, tax documents, regulatory compliance data, warranty information, old structural drawings, etc. can be located and accessed easily, whenever you need them.
  • Significant cost savings
    Centralizing data into a single, robust archiving system yields significant cost savings. CGI Archiving as a Service minimizes the costs of maintaining multiple legacy systems.
  • Secure data retention
    Cybersecurity improves when the number of legacy systems is reduced. Our centralized archiving system and processes advance data life cycle management and information security while ensuring data is easily retrievable. Strong access rights secure data storage, restricting access based on clearly defined user roles.
  • Increased productivity
    Centralized archiving with a user-friendly interface increases productivity. Your professionals don’t have to spend time investigating where data is located and who can retrieve it for further processing.
  • Sustainable business practices
    Through centralized archiving, electricity and servers can be used more efficiently. Further, additional room space can be re-purposed by eliminating physical archives.

Harmonizing IT portfolios
Organizations often have hundreds of legacy systems to maintain due to statutory data retention and accessibility mandates. Every year, these systems incur significant costs. By transferring data as readable to a single, modern system, the expense of maintaining multiple legacy systems can be eliminated.

Migrating legacy data to the cloud
Projects often include transferring legacy data to the cloud to maintain access to it. This significantly increases cloud service capacity costs. A more cost-effective solution is to transfer the data to CGI Digital Archive.

Archiving legacy data when deploying a new system
When replacing a legacy system with a new one, the legacy system’s data must be evaluated to determine whether it should be retained and where. An easy solution is to store the legacy data in CGI Digital Archive.

Retaining acquisition data
Organizations require access to important data following a merger or acquisition. It’s crucial that statutory requirements for data retention are followed. CGI Archiving as a Service ensures this.

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Retirement Factory

Our archiving experts provide everything required for effective data archiving. We create and store readable data from legacy systems, reducing legacy system maintenance costs while delivering the benefits of secure, compliant, and reliable data archiving.

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CGI Digital Archive

CGI Digital Archive archives documents and improves the archiving life cycle. You can search for archived documents using any metadata (or combination thereof), regardless of time and place. The number of documents that can be archived is unlimited, and their retention periods are strictly governed. CGI Digital Archive has a Sähke2 certification.

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CGI Archiving as a Service is part of our CGI DataCycle 360 digital platform, which enables you to manage your documents automatically, including transferring, updating, signing, and archiving documents. If you’re interested in learning how CGI Archiving as a Service and/or CGI DataCycle360 can transform your organization’s document management, contact us today .