Information technology is critical for effective business operations and plays a key role for companies looking to strategically manage and optimize systems, hardware, processes and data.

CGI’s IT Asset Management (ITAM) is an integrated and results-oriented solution. It covers all critical business functions - finance and procurement, HR, IT product and service management, internal regulations, etc. - to help you to uncover value. We work with you to understand where you are today and assist in developing a roadmap to identify what you need to do to enhance your IT asset management.

We offer a comprehensive ITAM assessment to gauge the effectiveness of your IT asset management capabilities. We also carry out vendor-specific scans of software usage and compliance.

The findings serve as a basis for recommendations and follow-up actions. Leveraging CGI’s ITAM Framework, which includes standard processes, policies and governance models, you can roll out an ITAM program quickly and efficiently. We support your organization during the change process, helping you to select the relevant tools, and we pass on our ITAM knowledge to your employees.