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Modernizing business processes with cloud-based enterprise automation and AI

High volumes of manual and rule-based business processes are negatively impacting companies of all industries. Securely digitizing, automating and modernizing these processes is our clients' top IT priority. CGI provides a cloud-based service for enterprise automation that enables you to gain all the benefits of automation technology without having to manage the platform. Our Automation as a Service solution, CGI Accel360, is a scalable, flexible, secure and easy-to-implement platform that delivers value quickly.

Cross-industry experience and partnerships to drive business growth

CGI has cross-industry experience delivering enterprise automation and artificial intelligence solutions, certified experts and strategic technology partnerships with UiPath, BluePrism, and Automation Anywhere. Leveraging our experience and partnerships, CGI's enterprise automation and artificial intelligence services have enabled clients to reduce costs, improve customer experience, expand existing automation investments and drive business growth.

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Advanced analytics and AI experts
Automation-certified CGI professionals
Global Centers of Excellence


CGI experts uncover opportunities where automation can be leveraged in your organization and provide a roadmap to business growth  




CGI's enterprise automation and AI services and solutions cater to your specific business goals, including outcome-focused projects, early value delivery, agile teams, conversion tools, citizen development enablement, and other use cases.  



Staff augmentation

CGI provides the staff that you need, including RPA and AI practitioners, business analysts, scrum masters, developers, testers, platform SMEs, DevOps engineers and other automation-focused roles.  



Managed services

CGI's core + flex team delivers end-to-end managed services that leverage agile practices and DevOps to design, build, test, deploy and provide ongoing support for your platform.  




CGI-hosted automation services platforms include RPA, AI, NLP, OCR, low code apps, and chatbots, resulting in a quicker setup, increased security, and faster value realization.  



Production support

CGI experts offer ongoing support in the areas of platform management and scalability, automation management, and proactive management and reporting.  



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Getting unstuck: Accelerating results from digital transformation

Digital leaders demonstrate several attributes that help explain their success compared to those organizations not seeing results. While focusing on the human element of transformation, digital leaders think beyond technology. We can help you assemble and orchestrate all of the components of an effective digital value chain to accelerate value generation, as well as optimize each individual component to drive efficiencies and cost savings while reducing complexity and risk.


Learn about the Digital Value Chain