CGI’s experts discuss: Payment Overlay Services

As part of our “Banking.Transformed.” roundtable series, this roundtable explores key topics related to payment overlay services. CGI banking experts Jerry Norton, Malcolm Thomas and Marc Bröking share their insights.

Q: The base revenue that banks can derive from payments is declining. What role do payment overlay services play in helping banks overcome this?

Jerry: To set the scene, payment overlay services are offerings (for both consumers and corporates)
that add value to standard payments through improved customer service. In turn, these overlay services
create opportunities to generate new revenue flows for banks...

Q: That sounds interesting. Could you share a little more on these services and their use cases? What is the request to pay opportunity for banks?

Malcolm: Jerry is right. Payment overlay services are all about offering something over and beyond the raw payment itself and are an opportunity for banks to expand their footprint. ‘Request to Pay’ looks at the exchange and dialogue that happens when people make payments.