CGI’s U.S. onshore delivery model helps both government and commercial organizations reduce the cost and risk of IT diversification with flexible, affordable managed services that are “made in America.” We offer our full-service capabilities from CGI's U.S. onshore delivery centers in Lebanon, VA; Mobile, AL; Troy, AL; Belton, TX; Lafayette, LA; Waterville, ME; and Wausau, WI.

Following are examples of client work performed at these centers.

Maintaining, enhancing and testing large-scale systems
Our U.S. onshore delivery centers provide development and testing services as part of a maintenance and enhancement contract for a large federal agency. CGI worked closely with the client to develop a work-distribution model that defines the functions and roles to be performed remotely at reduced labor costs. This low-risk, high-value solution provides a highly skilled talent pool with lower-than-average attrition, a common time zone, regional proximity, improved disaster recovery and a 24x7 environment.

Speeding time to ROI for Momentum® upgrades
When a federal agency was performing manual regression testing for its Momentum® solution upgrades, CGI proposed an automated solution to save labor hours. The solution leveraged the extensive Momentum and testing automation expertise at our U.S. onshore delivery centers. As a result, the client has realized faster ROI because of lower regional labor costs and improved test case throughput.

Supporting large-scale federal data exchange
CGI’s U.S. onshore delivery centers provide support for a complex, national data exchange for a large federal agency. CGI’s overall engagement included built-in quality checks, standard file formats, and a common approach to exchanging data to help all parties make sound decisions.

Speeding collections to increase revenue for a western state
As part of a larger CGI program to upgrade a western state’s collections system to enable broader taxpayer benefits and increase incoming revenues, CGI’s U.S. onshore delivery centers provide testing services to get the project up and running quickly by accessing the best practices and testing process knowledge available at the center. The CGI U.S. onshore delivery center’s resources are performing hundreds of system test scripts to prepare for user acceptance testing. In the process, the U.S. onshore delivery center is also building collection-specific testing knowledge and repeatable processes for this and other state and local government collection programs.

Improving tax return processing for a state department of revenue
CGI is implementing a large, integrated tax system for a state department of revenue. The complex engagement encompasses business process redesign and full lifecycle system development. CGI’s U.S. onshore delivery model will help reduce costs for the client while meeting all quality standards in the area of returns processing where there is an ongoing need and high level of effort to support tax form development and revisions. The senior members of CGI’s tax return processing team (based at our U.S. center of excellence) trained onsite with the client for three months to establish a strong team connection. Team leadership continues to be actively involved in project definition and periodically travels to the client site at key milestones. Client satisfaction is high as they benefit from CGI’s high-quality, low-cost delivery alternative with no degradation in service.

Improving time to market for a global telecommunications firm
Following an acquisition, this telecom client needed to rapidly integrate its existing customer and product support functions while responding to increased demand for new products. CGI’s U.S. onshore delivery model was chosen to transition over 150 testing execution and management roles in 6 months to meet aggressive transition targets. This approach promoted efficiencies across the client’s U.S.-based functional work groups and protected sensitive customer and product data. Our U.S. onshore delivery center's strong testing practice and deep telecommunications expertise is delivering results for the client at a lower cost. The client has improved time to market for new product releases, increased software and product testing capacity at lower unit cost, redeployed functional expertise to critical product engineering and customer management roles, reduced defect rates, and increased productivity through efficient integration of functional and testing teams across the United States.

Blended delivery model enables rapid application launch

When a B2B electronics manufacturer needed to develop a highly complex application in a short timeframe with a tight budget, they leveraged CGI’s unique sourcing model that combined onsite consulting with nearby U.S. onshore delivery centers.  While CGI’s expert technology team worked onsite through the intensive development process, coordinating work streams to ensure high-quality project execution, its remote service delivery teams handled the code development and integration. The project met all of the client’s requirements in terms of level of complexity, budgets and timeframes, without compromise.  The engineering web application was successfully launched and is exceeding objectives.

Scale and innovation fuel outcome-based outsourcing

A national mortgage investment company needed a trusted provider to help restructure its IT service delivery to achieve cost reductions and variable staffing while also standardizing processes and reducing costs.  CGI proved its ability to scale with the right resources in short timeframes by quickly transitioning 250+ resources.  Today, 500+ CGI professionals, with 40% in CGI's U.S. onshore delivery centers, provide application development, maintenance, support and testing services, infrastructure and server monitoring, as well as help desk and project management.  Supporting 80% of the client’s outsourced IT segments, this partnership has helped reduced costs, increase efficiency, improve quality and minimize risk.

Comprehensive business process services transform collections

In order to maintain effective management control over multiple debt collection agencies and cut costs, CGI and a large asset financing company developed a world-class retail collections service.  Delivered as a managed service with resources onsite, onshore and offshore, the solution combines CGI’s cross-industry debt management experience and leading debt management technology (CGI Collections360).  The solution transformed the client’s collection operations – credit losses and net credit losses were reduced to 29% and 44% respectively, while debt recovery improved 57%.

DevOps evangelism speeds adoption

CGI is providing enterprise-level coaching, mentoring and evangelism to help drive adoption of DevOps culture for a large North American health insurance provider. CGI has identified lag times and cost of delay across the client’s value streams using our Lean Process Map framework, providing target areas for DevOps and agile enablement.  We also help to decrease lag times, implement automation, bring deep mainframe development expertise, and help improve the client’s software quality.

Network engineering standardization improves service, reduces costs

A global communications service provider needed to reduce its network engineering costs through economies of scale, process efficiencies and blended resource rates, while improving customer service and productivity.  CGI successfully, and within six weeks, transitioned the client’s engineering business processes to a U.S. onshore delivery center where a network engineering center of excellence was established. Service levels were improved through consistent staffing, training methods and best practices.  Significant cost reductions were gained, saving 30% in-year and 36% year-over-year in year 3.