A global healthcare and voluntary benefit insurance company had disjointed processes, outdated tools and undefined ownership for its end-to-end enrollment process. The workflow was fragmented, with various bottlenecks frequently requiring “fire drills.” Widespread inefficiencies gave rise to multiple “quarterback” roles, from presales thru enrollment to servicing. In addition, a significant percentage of their external-facing collateral materials were being produced by field personnel, resulting in compliance risk and added overhead. There were disparate systems and few metrics to support decision-making and process management.

CGI used proprietary frameworks and diagnostic techniques to help the client define:

  • A consolidated change implementation plan

  • Functional roles to better align with market and organizational needs

  • A new operating paradigm to enable home office staff to meet cycle time expectations

  • A centralized fulfillment solution for creating, assembling and delivering collateral

Through the CGI effort, the client is better positioned to efficiently and effectively manage end-of-year enrollment volumes. The client also anticipates over 50% savings from printing and mailings, along with the added ability to manage overall spend going forward. Furthermore, the refined functional roles are recognized as critically important to positively impact client and customer experiences.