Government pricing (GP) administration for programs such as Medicaid, Medicare and Veterans Affairs has grown to be one of the most complex operations in the pharmaceutical industry. Pharmaceutical manufacturers are challenged with interpreting an expanding set of frequently changing and often ambiguous legislative language and regulatory requirements.

CGI is helping pharmaceutical companies efficiently and effectively meet government pricing program demands in a challenging regulatory environment through:

  • Policy evaluations – Are written approved policies complete?
  • Refinement of operational definitions to clarify policy – Do policies clearly translate to company’s unique internal terminology?
  • Alignment of SOPs and behaviors – Are process documents complete and up to date?
  • Optimization of data management and systems – Do data elements match the documented policies and procedures?

Each of these approaches, when implemented, leads to more than just improved compliance with regulations, decreased audit/risk and overall improvement in operations. Some of the businesses we have helped have also reduced operational costs or erroneous government rebate payments to save tens of millions of dollars. Firms that have implemented these improvements are also more responsive to the steady stream of future legislative changes.