Each agency and department has a unique set of threats, risks, regulatory drivers and security considerations. CGI delivers individualized security engineering solutions that address architecture, application and data security needs to protect organizations from cybersecurity threats.

While applications provide users with a rich interactive experience, they also represent a window for malicious attacks against the enterprise. Attackers are shifting their focus to critical enterprise data at the application layer. This level of attack can cause considerable damage to an agency and the citizens it services. As threat sophistication increases, organizations must advance application security defenses beyond network security and endpoint protection.

CGI's approach

Our approach to federal application security solutions is tightly integrated with core development teams, targeted guidance and remediation solutions specific to the client’s needs. To maximize the effectiveness of evaluations, the team relies on creative and flexible testing methodologies that proactively identify vulnerabilities. CGI’s approach involves: 

  • Integration with the software development lifecycle 
  • Understanding the root causes of security defects 
  • Remediation guidance 
  • Overall system risk reduction Applied experience with similar systems 
  • Solutions meet all federal records management and security standards

Our application security experts bring together diverse experience in cybersecurity, networking, development/coding, cloud computing, compliance and project management. Team members are well-versed in the latest techniques, attack vectors and approaches to application security, with multiple members holding advanced degrees in cybersecurity and industry certifications.