An independent Enterprise Program Management Office (EPMO) is a growing trend for complex government programs requiring expert navigation of evolving requirements and regulations. Traditional approaches such as assigning a systems integrator responsibility for overall governance and communications—or augmenting agency resources with supplemental, short-term staff—often fail to meet government needs.

A new model—the independent EPMO—mitigates risk by providing a full portfolio of project management solutions, bringing first-hand understanding of the complexities and challenges inherent in modernization programs. This model can offer powerful support for agencies implementing systems in complex stakeholder ecosystems that require close coordination and extraordinary rigor around processes and communications.

An effective independent EPMO is incented and empowered to track progress, identify key dependencies and mitigate schedule impacts tied to the performance of other vendors and subcontractors—mitigating project risk and improving outcomes.

CGI provides independent EPMO services, offering powerful support for agencies implementing programs that require complex vendor ecosystems. CGI’s independent EPMO delivers the necessary level of rigor around processes and communications, including:

  • A fully integrated project schedule across agencies, vendors and stakeholders
  • An actionable and comprehensive risk and issue register
  • Project-wide resource allocation and management
  • Support for a strong governance model through metrics, reporting and communications
  • Best-of-breed PMO tools, methodologies and project controls
  • Quality management
  • Organizational change management