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CGI combines federal financial management expertise and best-in-class technology to offer agencies our proven Momentum solution, which extends beyond core financial system requirements to support complex federal financial management activities.

Momentum is a full-featured, flexible web-based system built to support the full federal financial, budget, asset and procurement management lifecycles.

Unlike other Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions in the market, Momentum is exclusively developed to support the needs of federal organizations, rather than layering federal functionality on top of commercial sector software. Momentum has no non-government functionality that must be turned off or maintained throughout its life.

In an environment characterized by changing requirements, CGI created Momentum to support the long-term success of our government partners. As such, Momentum transcends just meeting basic requirements by providing numerous value-added capabilities including flexible user interfaces, robust reporting, and secure data management.

With full federal financial management capabilities, Momentum provides accurate and timely information upon which to base sound business decisions, while at the same time achieving mandated information assurance and auditability requirements.

In addition to our design and development approach, we also offer our Rapid Momentum Implementation methodology for our out-of-the-box application, reducing risk, increasing user acceptance and decreasing implementation and life-cycle costs.

Momentum is a trusted partner with a proven system:

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Contract Vehicles

To simplify and streamline the procurement process, CGI has numerous contract vehicles that meet federal requirements and assure validation of our past performance credentials.

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