Federal agencies have to balance expansions to their missions and emerging security challenges with the realities of constrained budgets, all while maintaining compliance with regulations. Financial management is one discipline where compliance is essential, a challenge all agencies face. 

We understand that balancing these priorities is a delicate process and that the federal government needs a solution that is flexible to keep up. Changes need to occur as quickly as possible to stay compliant with federal mandates, enabling the federal workforce to deliver value to the American public.

Unlike other Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions in the market, Momentum is exclusively developed to support the needs of federal organizations, rather than layering federal functionality on top of commercial sector software. Momentum has no non-government functionality that must be turned off or maintained throughout its life.

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Contract Vehicles

To simplify and streamline the procurement process, CGI has numerous contract vehicles that meet federal requirements and assure validation of our past performance credentials.

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