When federal agencies integrate budget and performance data, they achieve maximum results for taxpayer dollars. CGI’s Momentum® performance budgeting solution provides agencies flexible, comprehensive support to administer their full performance management life cycles. At CGI Federal, we know the obstacles our federal partners face. How do they become more efficient and simultaneously more effective? Disparate data sources, manual process and multiple versions of documents all challenge the need to provide timely, accurate, quality information to decision makers within the Executive Branch and Congress. On a daily basis, budget offices often use outdated tools to identify trends, delve into variances and look at long- and short-term projections with multiple factors.

Agencies strive to provide transparent, accurate communication about allocation of taxpayer dollars and resulting benefits. To manage limited resources effectively in this demanding environment, each agency needs to choose a proven technology that aligns with its specific enterprise architecture.

CGI Federal’s Momentum suite, the first enterprise-wide system designed exclusively for the federal government, is certified on government financial requirements. CGI built Momentum to support federal best practices in budget formulation, budget programming, budget execution, business intelligence, and budget book publishing. With easily configurable options, Momentum Performance Budgeting has available solutions to meet all of your lifecycle needs.

What if your office could spend more time on analysis and less time on accuracy?

What if your execution information and budget and programming information were not only already compatible, but also turned disparate data into decision quality information?

What if you had a data management system that produced decision-focused visualizations in the programming, budgeting and execution phases, helping you solve not only needs over the horizon, but also emergent ones?


Contract Vehicles

To simplify and streamline the procurement process, CGI has numerous contract vehicles that meet federal requirements and assure validation of our past performance credentials.

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