Federal agencies must integrate budget and performance data to achieve maximum results for taxpayer dollars. CGI’s Momentum® performance management solution provides agencies flexible, comprehensive support to administer their full performance management life cycles.

The Budget Formulation and Execution Line of Business (BFELoB) initiative requires efficient integration of budget and performance information across all phases of the annual budget cycle. As a result, performance and accountability reports, annual budget requests to OMB and Congress, and Recovery Act spending reports receive unprecedented scrutiny. Agencies, auditors and lawmakers review such reports to assess spending, determine progress against mission goals, and prevent abuse, fraud, and waste.

The American public expects transparent, accurate communication about allocation of taxpayer dollars and resulting benefits. To manage resources effectively in this demanding environment, federal agencies require proven technology that aligns with each agency’s specific enterprise architecture.

CGI’s Momentum suite is the first enterprise-wide system designed exclusively for the federal government and is certified on government financial requirements. CGI built Momentum to support federal best practices in budget execution, budget formulation, business intelligence, and budget book publishing. In the most recent industry-wide assessment of budget formulation and performance management solutions, the BFELoB workgroup gave Momentum the highest overall score of all the systems assessed.