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Meeting the challenges and defining the future together

While much has been accomplished, much remains to be done. Understanding the challenges followed by conversation, collaboration and joint ideation help make the future a reality. That’s what CGI does best – partner with our clients to help them meet their goals for better member health, member experiences, financial results, and, most importantly, member outcomes.

Leveraging our past experiences, our domain expertise, and our core business and technology skills, we build the future together with our clients.

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Addressing health provider challenges

The healthcare industry is going through dramatic change, which is why CGI provides offerings that support the challenges facing the growing marketplace, including:

  • Grappling with an aging population and the changing needs of each generation
  • Aligning payer and provider organizations for improved collaboration and information sharing to achieve meaningful patient outcomes
  • Retaining workforce talent and/or changing operations to ease employee burden as the industry evolves
  • Addressing the exponential growth of data and gaining insights from that data
  • Creating simple, engaging experiences for all health data audiences, including patients, patient’s families, clinical, administrative, operational, government, and more
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Strategic services

CGI business and IT consulting offer a wide range of services to address known challenges and unknown multi-dimensional needs, drive organizational change and ensure successful complex transformations.

Digital health and data

Data is central to all aspects of health and business. Managing and governing data provides limited results; gaining insights from the mountain of data is essential to drive long-lasting results.

Denials management services

An innovative solution to help healthcare providers minimize or eliminate the cost and abrasion caused by claim denials and recover the revenue they've earned.

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Business enablement

Consumers of health are changing, and organizations need to evolve to meet their needs constantly. CGI innovation and flexible delivery methods help our clients meet their goals faster. Leveraging human-centered design, culture and change management, and the latest development principles and technology platforms allow our customers to meet and exceed consumer demand.

Predictable operational excellence

Clients are unique, but they all have in common an ongoing need to optimize operations and reduce operating expenses. While at the same time, customers demand highly reliable operations to provide consistent, predictable results. CGI has delivered for our clients for decades, enabling a "foundation for success."



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Ready to learn more about health provider services and solutions? Leveraging our past experiences, domain expertise, and core business and technology skills, we help healthcare providers focus on patient-centered care.