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Partnering with you to provide a patient-centered experience

Connecting data insights to clinical and operational actions is fueling e-health. As a result, health organizations must focus on finding ways to safely capture, store and provide access to patient information (e.g., electronic medical records, e-prescriptions, electronic vaccination records) across patients and providers.

CGI develops affordable EMR solutions (through open source, COTS, etc.) tailored to meet client needs and can integrate easily with other systems. Our technology-agnostic approach allows your team to retain what works well and adapt software to meet your organization's needs. 


Delivered complex, large-scale solutions to leading healthcare providers

As a leading electronic medical record (EMR) systems integrator, CGI has successfully delivered complex, large-scale programs in the world's most advanced health economies. Whether seeking an affordable way to increase the agility of existing systems or a completely electronic health record, our team of experts works with your organization to find a solution that works toward your goals.

CGI focuses on the unique challenges that each organization is facing and works with you to deliver EMR systems that consider the following: 

  • The use of various systems, devices and data sources
  • The need for an integrated platform to display and share data
  • Updating old processes not suitable for patient communication


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