The 2023 CGI Voice of Our Clients shares findings from our in-depth interviews with 1,764 executives across the industries and geographies we serve. We invite you to explore these global cross-industry findings here

This year, CGI met one-on-one with U.S. federal government executives. These strategic conversations provide a unique view into how macro and industry trends affect business and IT priorities and investment plans across federal agencies, both civilian and defense. Here, we cover the trends having the greatest impact on federal priorities today.

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Cyber strategy matures

  • 86% have cyber strategies in place
  • 54% have an enterprise-wide strategy in place

Modernization is key

  • 67% are implementing modernization plans to improve efficiency
  • 76% are highly challenged by legacy systems

Data strategies must evolve

  • Only 11% have a holistic data strategy across the enterprise and extending to partners
  • Most data strategies (45%) are limited to specific functions within the agency.

Attracting IT talent continues to be challenging

  • 63% experience difficulties attracting and hiring IT talent. For the existing workforce, change management is a top constraint to achieving goals.

Automation is slowly expanding

  • 70% have implemented simple automation
  • 65% are leveraging robotic process automation (RPA). Interest in AI continues but adoption is slow, likely given concerns related to data quality, equity and cost

building with classical architecture

Overall, the U.S. federal market is progressing in terms of digitization. Common attributes emerge when comparing insights from executives who are operational or producing results from digital strategies (digital adopters) to those building or launching digital strategies (digital aspirants).

Digital adopters are 2x better at aligning strategies between IT and business.

Have highly agile business models to address digitization and integrate new technologies

Digital leaders


Digital aspirants



Advance modernization of legacy systems to unleash the power of data
Enable missions, streamline regulatory development and save costs with data-driven insights

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Define a robust sourcing strategy to address talent gaps
Engage strategic partners to build long-term flexible relationships

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Expand automation across key business processes
Institutionalize RPA at scale; pilot responsible use of AI while considering policy triggers (security, privacy, equity), data quality and costs.

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Maintain laser focus on improving the customer experience to meet increasing expectations
Focus on digital-first policy making, understanding that as you become more digital, citizens will expect even more

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Align across the organization on cybersecurity and risk alongside data sharing opportunities
Balance mission data-sharing and zero trust objectives to accelerate mission results

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