New technologies and business models have changed the way citizens expect services to be delivered, whether from business or government. Drawing from our work with clients around the world, we have identified nine digital competencies common to organizations that are implementing successful digital transformation initiatives:

  1. Mission-driven digital strategy clearly articulated through senior leadership

  2. Laser-focus on citizen-centric services and priority setting around citizens

  3. Pervasive digital culture with plans to ensure digital changes are embedded and actionable

  4. Programmatic innovation that is made part of the organizational DNA

  5. Agile evangelism as a priority throughout the organization

  6. Insights-led decisions utilizing citizen, system and device data and feedback

  7. Hybrid IT management for moving to the cloud with strong governance

  8. Rigorous security approach to protect critical assets and infrastructure

  9. Strategic sourcing ecosystem, such as a shared services model

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