Government agencies have a growing challenge to achieve their missions through the rapid delivery of digital services. Use of agile and DevOps methodologies are increasing the speed of application development and project success rates, but scaling up is not always easy. To deliver at scale, agencies need an end-to-end application lifecycle management (ALM) platform for managing all of the activities required to develop software components, including new applications and application programming interfaces (APIs).

ALM practices enable traceability from application requirement to release, and actionable metrics regarding application development efforts. An effective ALM process within government organizations serves as the operational foundation for digital transformation, service enablement and cost savings.

Enabled by ALM tools such as CGI AgileIQ Suite, government agencies can gain real-time collaboration between all stakeholders, unparalleled transparency into process and delivery, and reduced cost and time to market for application releases.

CGI's comprehensive ALM products and services include:

  • CGI AgileIQ Suite, an application lifecycle management platform designed to more effectively manage agile software development.

  • Assessment of existing government ALM practices and tools to develop roadmaps to improve automation and enable continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD)

  • Metric-driven approach to application development activities, more effectively directing resources to development efforts