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Sandeep Singh

Sandeep is a consulting director with more than 15 years of quality assurance experience. He has executed and managed complex manual, automation, and intelligent automation engagements in manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, telecom, and finance sectors.

With nearly 6 years at CGI, Sandeep has worked as a thought leader across projects to prepare and present proposals for healthcare and fintech clients. Additionally, he is working on automation solutioning involving the latest tools, technologies, and trends to achieve the most demanding client goals. He is also working with every line of business in the fintech organization to manage the testing of enterprise wide programs involving around 85000 end users.

He is an active participant in various CGI initiatives that spur innovation both internally and externally. He is also managing the IX (Idea Exchange) program for the Great Lakes BU wherein he organizes and coordinates the monthly training sessions that provide an opportunity for CGI members to lunch and learn with their colleagues.

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