Patrick DeVilbiss

Patrick DeVilbiss is a subject matter expert in trade finance and supply chain finance, with a specialized focus on the areas of receivables and payables finance. He also delivers SaaS product management services to clients, defining client needs based on industry changes, platform metrics and user feedback, as well as implementing long-term product enhancements to Software as a Service platforms. In addition, he specializes in agile development, leveraging agile development methodologies to deliver large-scale SaaS platforms to top 10 global financial institutions.

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The state of FinTech innovation and other key insights from the 2020 CGI-BAFT survey

December 15, 2020 I recall the first time I heard blockchain discussed in the context of transaction banking. It was at an event held in a converted bank vault at the National Bank of Canada. This venue was apropos, as it had become a meeting space due to decreased demand for physical currency deposits. A speaker ...