Stop by booth #9 at NCMA NEXUS 2024. 

In a time when federal procurement faces internal challenges, Nexus fosters collaboration across various teams and functional areas, emphasizing the need for joint efforts in innovation and agility.

The event features:

  • strategic discussions
  • case studies
  • hackathons
  • real-world problem-solving
  • deployable solutions

 Nexus is designed to bring all members of the team (pricing, program management, logistics, contracts, legal etc.) together! View the full agenda here 

CGI thought leadership session

Clued-In for Successful Post-Award Execution 

Tuesday, March 5, 2024 9:45 -11:45 a.m. 

What happens when you are suddenly responsible for executing a newly awarded contract, but you were not privy to the pre-award activities? It can feel like walking into a real-life game of Clue - where you find yourself wondering whether to look in the Ballroom or the Kitchen, whether to question Professor Plum or Colonel Mustard.

This Clue-themed workshop, developed and facilitated by CGI, will allow teams to put their investigative skills to work, learning how to ask the right questions to solve challenges experienced by Program Managers, Contracting Professionals, Business Development Leads, and everyone else involved in a successful post-award execution. As a team, you will unlock mysteries from the proposal, evaluation, and award negotiation processes that impact award execution. Teams will develop a summary of award changes that better capture intent of the contract to ensure compliance, proper execution, and provide clarity for everyone on the team.

Read the full “Clued-In for Successful Post Award Execution” session overview here. 

Session Facilitators 

CGI's Kimberly Jones

CGI's Kimberley Langson 


Dolores Kuchina-Musina Chief Disruptor, REXOTA Solutions, LLC