I’m told I have a unique accent. At least, here in the United States, when I meet new clients, co-workers or random baristas, I’m often asked where I’m from. When I explain that I’m South African, a surprisingly high percentage ...
A man, we’ll call him Bob, walks down the street and approaches another man with a dog standing on the sidewalk. Bob asks, “Does your dog bite?” The man responds, “No, he doesn’t. ” As Bob reaches his hand out ...

Reinventing for the digital world

Technology is changing how our clients achieve their objectives, and the pace of innovation is helping them move beyond IT modernization to focus on digital transformation. This is reflected in our CGI Client Global Insights, drawn from in-person conversations with 1,300+ senior government and commercial leaders. Based on these discussions, and our digital engagements, we see several common characteristics among digital leaders:

  • Clusters of autonomous business units

  • Encouragement of curious mind-set, collaboration & innovation

  • Decisions based on insights

  • Employees freed up for value added work

  • Integrated into an ecosystem of partners

  • Co-designed market opportunities

  • Agile, simplified and cost-effective IT and operations

  • Smart, fast, integrated and automated technology

digital strategy
Digital DNA: Organization, business and technology, underpinned by a robust foundation for cybersecurity and data privacy.