CGI's Sunflower solution has helped multiple agencies streamline their asset management processes. These agencies have consolidated all of their standalone legacy systems into single solutions for more efficient real property business processes, simultaneously reducing the burden and risks associated with maintaining multiple legacy solutions.

This consolidation also provides enhanced system security posture, increased data validations and new business rules; these help eliminate data integrity issues that had too often resulted in inaccurate budgeting across the departments.

Sunflower maintains all GSA Occupancy and Commercial Leases, along with other agreement types, providing visibility across the entire real property portfolio. The system records all terms of the agreements, allowing for accurate tracking of both lease details and billing transactions at any level of the organization. 

Sunflower Real Property also handles processing for monthly Rent on the Web (ROW) lease billing. Each month, leasing agencies bill for rent, basic and building-specific security, furniture and IT. Sunflower Real Property provides the ability to process all four bills, process current and prior year adjustments and integrates billing details to financial management systems to help recoup funds from constituent organizations.

To learn more about this powerful solution, download the solution brief.