It’s time to think big. Now is the time to develop collaborative strategies to accelerate your organization’s future and compete in the new normal. How utilities navigate the pandemic and subsequent changes to work will play a key role in their future success.

What is changing?

Utilities have had to rethink workflows, workplaces and technological constraints to stay connected, productive and reliable. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced both field crews and office staff to adjust their regular ways of working in order to navigate the realities of battling the pandemic. Policies for storm recovery, business continuity, customer service and workforce management have had to shift considerably over an extremely short period of time.

Handling severe events is not new for utilities, however the nature of this pandemic crisis may provide the opportunity to accelerate industry change and help utilities fully embrace new ways of working. One thing is for sure: the definition of “business as usual” is fundamentally changing.

What does the future of work look like?

We see the future of work in utilities as the enablement of people, processes and technology to achieve highly productive and resilient operations leveraging digital channels, all while putting the customer experience at the forefront. Navigating a rapid move to the future of work with agility and speed is critical for the utilities industry to continue its operations and maintain reliability through adverse conditions. Reimagining the future of work for utilities can involve:

  • Accelerating digitization and digital optimization
  • Using technology as an enabler to drive safer and more reliable operations
  • Increasing collaboration across the organization
  • Building a customer-first organization that functions as a digital energy advisor to customers

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