It has been nearly two decades since a group of software leaders retreated to a Utah mountaintop to pen what is credited as the founding principles of the agile movement.

Agile remains a hot topic today. Digital leaders are looking to become more agile and embrace new ways of thinking and working, not only to respond during this critical time, but also to emerge from it stronger than before. In the 2020 CGI Client Global Insights*, both business and IT executives interviewed cite “optimizing operations” and “agile supply chain” in their top five business priorities, yet 71% of our client executives cite legacy technology or agile constraints as a top barrier to transformation.

The concept of agility was codified soon after the industry emerged from Y2K and at about the same time Apple released its first iPod. Yet, after so much time, why are most organizations still stuck in their efforts to become agile, and what can we learn from the leaders who have successfully made the pivot to business agility?