A former colleague once told me the concept of quality must be owned by the entire organization, not just the quality department. That sentiment still resonates today. Establishing a successful...

Black swan events such as the COVID-19 pandemic leave business with little time to think. Actions must come fast. Products and services must continue to meet customer demand in an...

Back in the day, the sales rep and HCP model was a transactional approach of pushing product promotion, with a greater percentage of marketing and medical efforts geared towards the...

Use an Integration Playbook to Navigate the Complexities of R&D Mergers and Acquisitions

Jamie O'Keefe
James O'Keefe

In the life sciences sector, M&A has become commonplace as organizations seek to bolster product portfolios, stave off patent expirations, and reach new markets. 2019 started off with a bang...

Creating value within the PMO by adding a scheduling service

Candace Riddle
Candace Riddle

The schedule is at the heart of performance for each and every project. Developed appropriately, it gives the project manager and stakeholders a roadmap for operationalizing or implementing the strategic...

Doing digital right for consumer healthcare products

Kim Radefeld
Kim Radefeld

Digital connectedness dominates the customer experience. As digital customers, we use devices, functioning in a myriad of ways to research, shop and purchase basic necessities, including consumer healthcare products like...

Avoiding PMO Meltdown: 5 guiding principles needed to withstand the heat of today’s business environment

Candace Riddle
Candace Riddle

Today’s business leaders need the ability to proactively make decisions across their portfolios, and have confidence that those decisions align with the company’s long-term strategic vision. The PMO of the...

12 Principles of Agile Methodology

Michele Eichhorn

A lot has changed since the fateful Utah ski trip in 2001 that spawned the agile revolution. The mobile devices we use are continually getting more powerful, and expectations from...