U.S. members share their stories about life at CGI


Jeremy Starcher, CGI Federal
Jeremy Starcher

I summon cats. What's your superpower?


As I sat on a recent MS Teams call, cats from around the country leapt onto desks, and stared at speakers and headphones. Of course they did; I summoned them—not...

CGI building
Life at CGI

Leni Brigham: Finding family at CGI


I was a legacy CGI member, coming aboard when the company bought American Management Systems (AMS). You can tell I think CGI is a great company to work for because...

Brigitte Custer, CGI Federal
Brigitte Custer

Advocacy through action: Embracing neurodiverse talent


Neurodivergent people are often unemployed or underemployed due to stigma and stereotypes, yet people with autism are often well-qualified for work that requires focus, persistence and attention to detail. CGI...