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There’s an odd expression that is used when there is, perhaps, shocking news or a sudden realization. A person might say that “it hit them like a Mack truck.” Often...

Many technologies have come and gone over the past decades. Some were hyped concepts that flopped (beenz, anyone?). Others that started from humble beginnings became ubiquitous. While every technology faces...

Blockchain is an information storage and transmission technology for data and transactions that uses a secure, distributed ledger and is valued for its potential to generate cost savings. The term...

In my last blog post, I introduced ACT-IAC’s Blockchain Playbook for the U.S. federal government, drafted by a collaborative team of industry and government leaders. As part of the team...

This blog discusses the relevance of blockchain to government and encourages agencies to launch proof of concepts.

The blockchain bowling alley – how distributed ledger technology goes mainstream

Nancy Amert Nancy Amert


This blog explores the technology adoption lifecycle of blockchain, and how its early adoption by financial services companies is expanding to other industries.

Government blockchain – Data is money

Theresa White Theresa White


This blog talks about how blockchain holds significant promise for sharing of more accurate data with a speed and confidence not available today.

To get the most from blockchain in government, a sharing mindset is needed

Venkat_profile Venkat Kodumudi


Blockchain removes the need for intermediary actors, reducing errors while increasing speed and efficiency of many types of transactions. Agencies can increase public trust through blockchain transparency and introduce new...

Is blockchain a solution for your organization? Depends on the problem

Steve Smith Steve Smith


This blog offers suggestions for how to cut through the noise to know if blockchain is the solution for an organization’s problem.

Riding the blockchain wave in trade finance

Kittredge Carswell Kittredge Carswell


Trade finance, whether conducted on a domestic or international basis, can be a paper-intensive, costly and risk-laden proposition, involving not just companies importing and exporting goods and services but also...