Bankers’ Bank, a correspondent bank specializing in providing banking products to community banks in the United States, went live with its Funding Agent Smart Liquidity module. Funding Agent Smart Liquidity connects to The Clearing House (TCH) RTP® network Application Programming Interface (API) Gateway so Bankers’ Bank, on behalf of its financial institution clients, can better manage liquidity activities like updating transaction processing limits.

The “update tracking position limit” API helps Bankers’ Bank manage their linked participants’ transaction processing limit in the RTP network. Bankers’ Bank uses the API to automate the previously manual process of setting their participants’ position limit. This enables Bankers’ Bank to support their financial institutions’ RTP credit send functionality more efficiently. TCH introduced APIs so that financial institutions, their funding agents and third-party service providers can utilize them to, quickly and efficiently perform functions previously only offered through the RTP management portal.  

CGI provided Bankers’ Bank with payments industry expertise and managed the integration project for the Bank to take advantage of the benefits available through the API Gateway. Bankers’ Bank is leading the way for payments innovation for community banks, and its goal is to deliver faster payments innovations to community banks across the United States. Projects like this one deliver on TCH’s mission to provide real-time payments to all depository institutions.

“We are proud to continue to work with Bankers’ Bank and The Clearing House,” said John Manta, Senior Vice-President of Midwest Operations at CGI. “Funding Agent Smart Liquidity enables banks of all sizes to compete and transact on the RTP network and positions community banks to send RTP payments.”


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