Creating a path for future growth and sustainable value

Organisations are facing constant change, from increasing levels of disruption to changing human behaviour and technological advancement across all industries

Over the past four decades, CGI has grown into one of the world’s largest high-end IT and business consulting services provider. We work side-by-side with our clients to help them transform into customer and citizen centric digital enterprises, providing expert advice at every stage of their digitalisation journeys.

Our team will support you in future-proofing your business models to drive increased value through customer, citizen or patient experience, whilst improving operational efficiency.

Our unique consulting approach

As dedicated business consultants, we work with you to realise your full potential and achieve your ambitions across the following key areas:

Setting your strategic direction

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Our mix of trusted propositions enable you to break down and answer the big questions that are going to set the future agenda for your organisation. We follow a set of principles and frameworks that are designed to offer you the right support for your specific needs to define, new digital, business or IT strategies, reimagine operating models or build strategies that exploit data.

Strategy and roadmap

An outcome-driven approach is always that enables you to respond to a broad range of business, digital, and IT challenges. Identify, quantify and prioritise strategic and tactical initiatives to yield maximum value in data driven and customer centric environments.

Data and information strategy

Capture, protect and exploit the data your organisation needs to succeed. Work with us to set and implement the strategy as well define the purpose, vision and objectives to understand how data & information can be used to deliver strategic outcomes.  

Operating model design

Embarking on any transformation programme you will have many decisions to make, but one not often fully considered is if your organisation is set up in a way to receive the change and operate effectively following your transformation programmes’ completion.

Be that the impact on people, and the skills and capabilities they have, the processes they will execute and even the organisational structure they will sit within, a new target operating model provides the blueprint to chart the future direction of your organisation and identify what steps need to be taken to successfully complete the transition.


Delivering value through operational excellence

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Our propositions allow you to increase the focus on relationships with customers, citizens or patients. Reimagining how they interact through digital and / or traditional means, optimising and streamlining middle and back-end processes in tandem to maximise efficiency and improve experience.  

Journey and process analysis

A ‘top-down’ approach is crucial in ensuring the organisation’s vision and strategic direction is embedded into future-state customer journeys and business processes. Our methodology ensures that opportunities for process improvements target the highest value areas and deliver maximum return on investment without losing the personal touch your customers want and need.

Sentiment analysis

CGI's Customer Insight Platform utilises cutting edge Natural Language Processing and AI to help clients capture and act on insights in their market, by measuring customer sentiment. The platform enables clients to gain a metric-based understanding of customer experience and real time monitoring of brand, product and services through almost any imaginable channel.

Business change and benefits realisation

Any organisation undergoing change at a transformation level due to market, technology, cultural, structural or personnel change need to ensure thought is given to the impact this will have on the business itself, and the workforce.

Our suite of methodologies and frameworks can support you wherever you are in your transformation journey, be it upfront maturity assessments, building business cases that hinge on achieving critical outcomes, supporting the change agenda through strategic communications and engagement strategies, through to managing and tracking the realisation of benefits as your transformation programme is implemented.