As part of our GreenStart programme, we partnered with The Consumer Helpline (TCH) Group to develop a robust sustainability strategy that will achieve its net zero objectives in alignment with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

In the current global business landscape, sustainability has become an essential focus. Small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) face increasing attention from both customers and other stakeholders who seek transparency regarding their carbon footprints, plans to reduce their carbon intensity, fair supply chain practices, and investments in climate change resilience and employee wellbeing. And these voluntary considerations are moving closer towards mandatory compliance.

Based in South Wales, TCH Group is a successful small business that has recently achieved remarkable growth, expanding into a multinational, award-winning organisation. Recognising the business imperative of embedding sustainability into operations, TCH Group made a strategic decision to embark on a journey to net zero and looked to CGI for support.

As the pioneering organisation to join our GreenStart programme, TCH Group is an exemplar of how our Sustainability & Climate Change team can help a small business stay ahead of the curve and achieve genuine success in the light of escalating global expectations.

We brought together HR, marketing, finance, employees and leaders across all levels of the organisation to create a bespoke sustainability strategy, “Our World”. This baselined the organisation’s existing position and quickly accelerated sustainability activities with robust policies and procedures that embedded the net zero mission into everyday business, ensuring TCH Group’s success in driving sustainable operations, as well as business efficiencies and cost reductions.

man working from home at desk with small model wind turbines
Guidance, tools and training to achieve real sustainable change that drives operational and cost efficiencies
Set to achieve x4 return on investment from new sustainable practices, within one year of working with CGI
With such a complicated and in some ways emotional topic, CGI were simply fantastic. They guided and navigated all stakeholders at all levels within our business, and what was perceived to be complicated they made simple. They were experts and extremely humble when we were asking numerous basic questions, and never made us feel uncomfortable. It was truly a “one team” effort and I would have no hesitation in asking CGI to help on other projects. A truly global business acting and behaving locally. Thank you team CGI.

Depesh Nathwani CEO, TCH Group.

TCH Group Sustainability Champions


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