With over $40 billion in aggregate capital commitments on its books, Providence Equity is a global asset management firm specialising in the media, communications, education and information industries.

After 30 years building an investment portfolio consisting of over 180 companies, the firm recognises the importance of local relationships in channelling business growth and has offices located across the US and in London.

So when Providence Equity was looking for a partner to manage the payroll for its UK-based employees, it wanted a company that could handle the different requirements of a specialist team; while maintaining strong links with its US headquarters. CGI won the contract in 2006, and has managed the payroll efficiently and effectively ever since.

"Building strong relationships with suppliers and partners in other parts of the world is essential to the operations of a global organisation. I’ve worked with CGI for many years and they regularly go above and beyond any other managed payroll company, taking a considerable burden off me.”

Helen Belleville, Accountant, Providence Equity

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