Our commitment

As a global company, we have a responsibility to conduct our business in the most ethical manner, in all countries where we operate, with all of our stakeholders, including clients, members, and suppliers. As a leader in digital services, our responsibility extends to how we deploy digital strategies and protect data, using the highest standards of security.

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70% of significant suppliers to be assessed on environmental and social criteria by 2025

of our significant suppliers have been assessed on environmental and social criteria
of women on the Board of Directors
of our operational sites have conducted an internal audit/risk assessment concerning business ethics issues


Our ESG Policy

Our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) policy supports the CGI Dream, and our company values, and contributes to achieving our strategic goal: To be recognized by our stakeholders as an engaged, ethical and responsible corporate citizen.

ESG policy


Risk management

Our Enterprise Risk Management process ensures that risks are effectively managed across CGI and that all significant risks are reported at the enterprise level.

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As a global company operating in 40 countries, we understand our duty to work with suppliers who are environmentally and ethically responsible throughout their overall operations. We are committed to embedding sustainability principles in our procurement policy.

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Corporate Governance

High corporate governance standards are foundational to the way we conduct business at CGI. We recognize and embrace our responsibility as a global company to engage in business practices that are ethical and in compliance with the letter and spirit of all applicable laws and regulations.

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We operate our business ethically and in compliance with the letter and spirit of all applicable laws and regulations. Our Code of Ethics and our Third-Party Code of Ethics outline our expectations for all members, officers, directors, vendors, contractors, and partners.

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Data privacy

Whether we process personal data for our own needs, or do so for our clients or third parties, CGI is committed to providing levels of data protection aligned with industry best practices and in compliance with our legal and contractual obligations.

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ESG Governance

Our ESG governance objectives are set under the guidance of several groups: the CGI Board of Directors, our ESG Executive Steering Committee, our ESG global and local teams, and our ESG networks and working groups.

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Human rights

As a people-oriented organization with 91,500 members, a global company operating in a variety of countries with diverse cultures and local regulations, and a buyer with more than 10,000 suppliers in our supply chain, we recognize human rights to be fundamental.

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Through a multi-layered approach that recognizes the protective value of both technology and the human element, we implement appropriate security practices and solutions, along with investing in member awareness and training. Expanding our capabilities to identify and detect threats early increases our ability to manage vulnerabilities and respond to threats in a timely manner and to limit the risk of major incidents and breaches.

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