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As a leading IT and business consulting services firm, we are increasingly trusted to provide advice on how to help clients responsibly transition from exploration to implementation of new AI technologies while accelerating time to value.

In fiscal 2023, we announced our plan to allocate $1 billion over the next three years to support the continued expansion of our AI services and solutions

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Sustainable IT

As a company, we constantly strive to reduce the environmental footprint of digital technology. We do this across several fronts, including reducing consumption and CO2e emissions by adopting best practices, optimizing the IT equipment life cycle and raising awareness.

Our strategy

  • IT life cycle assessment
    Our holistic vision is to reduce potential environmental impacts, from equipment purchase, mobility (transport), and energy consumption to e-waste management
  • Design and customer experience
    Rely on design thinking methodologies to design solutions that will be “useful, usable, and used.”
  • Technical design and architecture
    Design, adapt, and size the architecture of our solutions to reduce environmental impacts (e.g., data center, bandwidth).
  • Green coding
    Apply best practices to write optimized and efficient code that reduces energy consumption and resource use, and promotes reuse.
  • Ethical data
    Guarantee the protection of individuals’ data, promote accountability throughout the data life cycle, and apply data ethics tenets to emerging technologies such as AI and Internet of Things.
  • Accessibility and inclusion
    Make our solutions accessible and integrate diversity and inclusion into our projects.



Sustainability and ESG Advisory Services

From developing strategies to unlocking data for better decisions to accelerating innovation, our proven Sustainability & ESG Advisory services enable clients to address various challenges across their organization’s value chain.

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* CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalents) is a unit that makes it possible to compare the climate effects of different types of GHGs by expressing the emissions as equivalent to carbon dioxide.