CGI’s Asset & Resource Management (ARM) 2 work management solution called Work Manager is the leading foundation business improvement tool that drives greater operational effectiveness. It helps utilities standardize their business processes to ensure work is efficiently executed and bottlenecks are quickly identified.


Work Manager offers a broad range of features that include the following:

  • Automated workflow functions
  • Automated updates to accounting, supply chain, human resources and geographical information systems (GIS) to provide details of the estimated and as-built cost, materials, labor and equipment
  • Workflow platform for initiating, designing, tracking, scheduling, closing and reporting on work, including construction, customer service, maintenance and operations
  • Integrated dashboard functions
  • Construction unit based design and as-built reporting
  • Warranty information for work generation
  • Contractor management
  • Material requisitioning
  • Approvals and pay items


Benefits of Work Manager include the following:

  • Manage the entire work stream with more visibility and accountability, using automated messages to allot tasks rather than paper and telephone calls
  • Drive collaborative work execution in the office and field
  • Gain visibility into resource workload, adherence to due dates and progress of ongoing work
  • Define labor, material, equipment, and contractor requirements accurately, using construction units
  • Support contractor work and resources with built-in security
  • Provide incorporated spatial capabilities
  • Offer integrated analytics
  • Increase productivity by standardizing work methods across all departments
  • Reduce costs through streamlined processes and a reduced work life-cycle
  • Improve management of contract resource execution and financial payments

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