CGI and Digital Communities in the U.S.

Enabling digital transformation and continuous innovation

To be sustainable, state and local governments must achieve a long-term balance between social, economic and environmental dimensions. People need good jobs, to feel safe, have livable environments and access to healthcare, education, recreation, arts, culture and more.

Working together with our clients, CGI develops scalable solutions and strategies that help them reach their aspirations for:

  • Continuous transformation and innovation
  • People-centric, forward-looking government
  • Better health and well-being
  • Safer and more livable neighborhoods
  • Sustainable communities
  • Well-run operations

City and county innovation projects have been a test bed for Internet of Things (IoT) and other technologies. Yet, few jurisdictions have integrated the entirety of projects in a holistic environment that generates overall benefits exceeding those of individual projects alone.

Digital transformation is the transition to a business model that uses digital technology to enable shared capabilities for collaboration and connectivity. CGI understands that well-managed, incremental transformation helps our clients innovate early and often. We partner with our clients as “innovation enablers” by providing assessments, roadmaps, adaptable architectures and accelerators.

Our digital enablement capabilities include:

  • People-centric services—creating collaboration, self-service and other platforms to improve government interactions with residents, employees, businesses, etc.
  • Digital insightsCapturing and integrating disparate data sources and analyzing large amounts of data using our Data2Diamonds®  framework and other tools and services
  • Data sharing—Developing platforms to bring together assets and data to allow regions to interact and leverage the data held within each of their own data hubs
  • Transparency and accountability—Improving public sector operations and driving transformation through existing products like CGI Advantage® ERP, optimized for government and designing and developing user friendly public access portals
  • IT modernization—Enabling business agility to meet evolving demands, mitigate IT-related risks and improve performance through incremental modernization, agile and DevOps, etc.
  • Cybersecurity—End-to-end services that include risk assessment through monitoring, prevention and business continuity.
  • Cloud enablement—Enabling cloud strategies and management of innovation projects using our CGI Unify360™  hybrid IT management suite
  • IoT—Internet of Things (IoT) platform to connect industries, people, data and devices for real-time insight and performance improvement

CGI believes in helping state and local organizations understand their big picture of digital transformation. We work with you to identify the factors that influence the roadmap, and help you build a plan that focuses on your strategic priorities and overall vision. Contact us to learn more.