U.S. state and local government

Helping government achieve transformation without the trauma

As citizens use more digital platforms in their daily lives, they expect their governments to provide similar services. At the same time, governments want to use digital capabilities and data to both improve citizen interactions and increase efficiency and transparency.

CGI helps state and local governments use technology and data to simplify and speed operations, make better decisions and transform how they operate and serve. We offer flexible, incremental modernization approaches that use modular components to reduce risk, better adapt to change and deliver earlier benefits.

Since 1976, we have solved complex IT problems with a collaborative approach based on shared values with our public sector clients. Our deep experience enables us to understand their challenges and pressures, and provide effective solutions to address them.

smart cities

CGI and Governing Institute: A Field Guide to Smarter Communities - a strategic, incremental approach to digital, connected, and people-centric government. Learn more.

We provide:

  • Built-for-government IT solutions that deliver better, more transparent services 
  • IT modernization to realize greater efficiency, agility and quality in applications and infrastructure and pave the way for digital transformation
  • Deep public sector expertise based on partnering with 46 states, 300 local governments and numerous U.S. federal agencies
  • Information management and analytics for better decisions that lead to more efficient operations
  • Agile, cloud-enabled services that stand up quickly, with minimal or no capital investment
  • Robust cybersecurity capabilities to help clients understand threats, strengthen resilience and determine the return on their security investments
  • Outcomes-based approach with a proven governance model that ensures healthy client relationships
  • Ability to address both short- and long-term needs, balancing today's financial realities with your vision for the future

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