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Every year, CGI consultants conduct a series of in-person conversations with senior business and technology leaders to discuss their perspectives on the business and IT trends that are impacting their organizations.

In 2016, we spoke with more than 1,000 leaders across 10 industries and 20 countries. The resulting CGI Global 1000 insights affirmed that organizations remain focused on becoming digital organizations. They are quickly evolving from a focus on investigating and experimenting with discrete digital projects to focusing on initiatives that connect legacy and digital to execute enterprise-wide digital transformation.

Discover the insights

We invite you to learn more about the 2016 CGI Global 1000 insights and how we help clients on their digital journey. Contact us to arrange a personal discussion on the following insights:

Consumers and citizens expect seamless and personal interaction with businesses and governments in the digital world. CGI Global 1000 insights point toward five global industry trends that demonstrate clients’ need to accelerate digital transformation.

  1. Rising influence of consumerization
  2. Evolution of security from defense to differentiator
  3. Relentless regulatory demands
  4. Restructuring of industry business models
  5. Emergence of IT as the driver of business change

The five global industry trends point to an urgent need for clients to transform to digital organizations, which leads to the following top five global business priorities.

  1. Improve the customer experience/journey
  2. Collaborate internally and partner/acquire externally
  3. Generate customer and business insights for better and faster decision making
  4. Protect the organization from cyber and other emerging trends
  5. Optimize and modernize to reduce the costs of running the organization (e.g., automation)

The CGI Global 1000 insights point toward the emergence of two IT organizations—one focused on modernizing legacy processes and systems and another on transforming the business into digital organizations. Both business and IT leaders seek to address these needs through the following top five global IT priorities.

  1. Generate customer and business insights for better and faster decision making
  2. Develop real-time, end-to-end digital processing
  3. Protect the organizations from cyber and other threats
  4. Rationalize and modernize IT to reduce the costs of running the organization
  5. Adopt new delivery models (e.g., SaaS, PaaS, cloud, outsourcing)

Contact us to learn more about the CGI Global 1000 insights and the implications for your industry. We’ll also share examples of how we’ve helped clients reduce the costs of running their organizations through transformational outsourcing, build roadmaps to become digital organizations, and leverage CGI and partner IP to help accelerate transformation.