50 hours
on average per person is dedicated to
training and development
students participated in our STEM activities
of our members are shareholders



Create a welcoming and respectful environment for all individuals interacting with us regardless of race, age, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, disability or background


Improve access to quality education for underrepresented groups to create a talented IT workforce founded upon diversity, equity and inclusion 


Achieve career equity by supporting talented individuals from underrepresented groups to bring forward their thought leadership and innovation 

Education and training

Person working with stationary - Education and training

We are actively engaged in creating and sustaining talent through education programs and by collaborating with institutions around the globe.

Ownership and engagement

Persons discussing documentation - Ownership and engagement

We invest in comprehensive learning and development programs to ensure our members build and increase the skills they need to respond to clients’ advancing digital needs as well as advance their career aspirations.


Diversity, equity and inclusion

Person in wheelchair - Diversity and inclusion

We believe that a more diverse, equitable and inclusive member community drives stronger business performance.

Health and well-being for our members

Person walking with bike and talking on phone - Health and well-being

We are committed to fostering an environment focused on health and well-being where all members can thrive personally and professionally.