CGI's 2012 CSR report

Building a sustainable future together

CGI's corporate social responsibility report highlights key components of our commitment to build a sustainable and profitable future.

A message from President & CEO Michael E. Roach

Since 1976, we have pursued a simple dream—to create an environment in which we enjoy working together and, as owners, contribute to building a company we can be proud of. As part of this dream, our business model is designed to ensure that we contribute positively in all of the communities in which we live and work.

Sustainability is at the heart of our business model and has always been one of CGI's core values. Day in and day out, our members show these values through concrete actions. Together, we are committed to building a positive legacy. Our dedicated members in more than 400 offices around the world give us the ability to achieve results and make a lasting impact. At CGI, we are passionate about building and operating a sound, stable and growing business for the long term.

For us, sustainability goes hand-in-hand with financial strength. As a cornerstone of our commitment to be sustainable, our financial strength has enabled us to continuously invest in and improve our services for the benefit of our clients; to offer expanding and rewarding career opportunities for our members; and to deliver superior returns for our shareholders.

Last year, we linked all our best practices to a new global policy formalizing our approach and identifying the following commitments:

  • Provide our professionals with training, health, wellness and ownership programs that positively influence their well‑being and satisfaction
  • Partner with our clients to deliver energy and environmental sustainability solutions and to collectively support charitable causes
  • Support our communities through causes that improve their social, economic and environmental well-being
  • Improve the environment through eco-friendly operating practices, community service activities and green IT offerings
  • Continue operating with the highest level of integrity through a strong code of ethics and good corporate governance
  • Extend our CSR commitments to CGI partners throughout our supply chain

In 2012, we combined with Logica and warmly welcomed 41,000 new colleagues into the CGI family. We are now better positioned to deliver more capabilities to contribute to the success of our stakeholders.

For this first CSR report, we focused on reporting our CSR data and key performance indicators that have the greatest impact on our business, the environment and our communities.

We want to thank you for your continued interest and commitment to CGI. Together, we will remain a strong, sustainable company anchored in profitable growth—and dedicated to contributing positively to the economic, social and environmental needs of the communities in which we work and live.

Michael E. Roach
President and Chief Executive Officer

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Our CSR approach

As one of our core values, CSR represents a key aspect of our business model, which is designed to bring us closer to our members, clients, shareholders and communities. We have always believed that balancing this equilibrium between our stakeholders is key to our long term sustainability. In 2011, we linked all our best practices to a new global policy formalizing our approach and identifying our CSR commitments. Complete information regarding how we empower our business units, strengthen a culture of sustainable and profitable growth and consult our stakeholder is reported in this section.

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Maintaining the highest standards of governance and ethics

From our founding, CGI has invested substantially in corporate governance to ensure we exceed the expectations of our stakeholders and operate a strong, productive and sustainable company that benefits society as a whole. The core aspects reported in this section include CGI's corporate governance practices, Management Foundation, Code of ethics, whistleblower policy as well as its privacy and information security policy.

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Offering members exciting career opportunities

At CGI, we have always understood that talented, committed people are the common denominator of success of any organization. We also view our members as our most important asset because they play a defining role in the realization of the CGI dream: ʺTo create an environment in which we enjoy working together and, as owners, contribute to building a company we can be proud of.ʺ And to underscore their value to our company and their ownership rights, we call them "members". The core aspects reported in this section include how we nurture a culture of ownership among our members, promote health and wellness, attract and retain talent, develop leadership and foster diversity in the workplace.

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Giving back to our communities

At CGI, we care deeply about the communities in which we live and work. We take the skills that have propelled us to the forefront of the IT services industry and use them to innovate and effect change in our communities. Through volunteer activities and financial investments, we are committed to contributing to the causes that improve their well-being. The CGI business model, which is based on a client proximity approach, allows us to maintain close ties with our clients and communities. We know from experience that service focused on proximity benefits us all. Year after year, CGI teams around the world contribute to the advancement of their communities by giving their time and expertise to the causes that they believe in.

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Helping clients win and grow

Businesses and governments around the world face significant challenges in preparing, standardizing and respecting environmental protection laws and regulations and in developing and maintaining green business practices. CGI's environmental and energy efficiency management solutions combine our leading-edge IT solutions, in-depth knowledge of the environmental and energy sectors, and the latest data exchange approaches to help our clients successfully deal with these challenges. This section illustrates how we support our clients in their efforts to improve the social wellbeing of their customers and citizens, and how we drive innovation with them.

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Protecting the environment for future generation

At CGI, we understand that expansion must not come at the expense of the environment and communities in which we do business or of the environment at large. This is why we are committed to contributing to the protection of the environment through responsible and environmentally oriented operating practices. CGI's key environmental impact reported in this section relates to our energy consumption in offices and data centers, travels by car, train and air, and use of paper, IT hardware and other office supplies and equipment.

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Partnering responsibly

As a service provider, managing our supply chain in a sustainable manner is a key component in ensuring that we deliver value effectively to our clients, members and shareholders. We believe we have a responsibility to encourage sustainable business practices as well as inclusion and diversity among our thousands of suppliers across the world. This section describes how we partner responsibly with our suppliers.

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