As the payments industry moves toward mass modernization, financial institutions must decide on the best route to extend product reach and keep pace with customer expectations.

CGI has been transforming the payments sector for more than 40 years

With our innovative solutions and in-depth expertise, we are ready to help you

scale up your payment activities to ensure your future success.

Payments timeline

Our people and processes

Scope of our offering

The breadth of our offering, including our consulting services and solutions, enables us to support clients from start to finish—from strategy  definition, to solution design and implementation, to systems integration and operational support.

Client satisfaction

We have an overall client satisfaction rating of 9.2 out of 10 based on in-person client assessments.

Respect of deadlines and budgets

Ninety-five percent of our projects are completed on time and within budget.


Our conceptual approach

Accelerated customization

Front-end and back-office APIs facilitate personalization and accelerate the opportunities of open banking.

Designed for the cloud

Our solution is designed for the cloud and integrates with any type of cloud.

Sustainability insurance

Containerization, resource and health monitoring capabilities and real-time scalability are built into the solution.

Flexible deployment

Flexible deployment strategies are offered to financial institutions of all sizes, regardless of their organizational complexity.

Equipped users

Dynamic role-based dashboards and effective investigation features equip existing staff to respond to growing volumes.

Advanced analysis

Auto-learning and data analysis features are integrated into the solution.

Performance and flexibility of our solution

Enterprise payment platform

Our enterprise payment platform features standard options for integrating existing payment systems.

Robust payment engines

We offer payment engines that deliver high-value, low-value and real-time rails across the globe.

Modern management frameworks

Customizable and reusable workflow management frameworks accelerate the delivery of new products.

Linear extensibility

The memory processing of our solution supports linear extensibility.

Around-the-clock availability

We deliver 24/7/365 payments processing, with 99.999% uptime achievable for most deployments.

High efficiency

Ninety-five percent straight-through processing rates are achievable, with continuous improvement enabled through the use of AI.