Distribution utilities have the critical task of ensuring the safe and reliable supply of electricity to customers. This job is made more challenging with the constant pressure to “do more with less,” maintain aging infrastructures and manage rapidly evolving customer expectations.

A key challenge of network reliability is locating and resolving intermittent issues, or faults, as quickly as possible to reduce overall customer interruptions (CI) and customer minutes lost (CML). Faults can be momentary or permanent, and sometimes hard to detect and locate. With miles of distribution power lines to consider, utilities require actionable insights to get to the root cause of interruptions and outages and plan the right investments to maximize network performance and customer satisfaction.

Actionable insights to improve network reliability and customer satisfaction

MILES is an innovative advanced data analytics solution for fault detection, localization and diagnosis. It is designed to generate clear and timely insight on distribution system faults that are the source of outages and customer complaints.

MILES’ predictive maintenance, fault-location algorithms and advanced data analytics features enable the detection and diagnosis of both permanent and momentary faults, including recurring, hard-to-identify network issues that are the root cause of many outages.

Through a combination of sensors and advanced algorithms, MILES can pinpoint the fault to typically within a few hundred meters, putting all relevant information on one dashboard. Crews can then quickly find faults and prevent or restore outages before they occur by targeting the right intervention at the right location and at the right time.

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