The value we deliver

Streamlined two-way, pull/push communication solution with edge devices, independent of manufacturers and communication protocols. Enables downstream analysis and control solutions based on standardized data from multiple sources.

Typical challenges

  • Need to manage many manufacturers and many protocols.
  • Need to not only receive data from edge devices but also to control those devices.
  • Need to streamline multiple Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI) systems and protocols, and leverage this data and its investments.
  • Need to perform regular automatic data collection activities, according to a user-defined schedule.

What we offer

  • Flexible machine-to-machine (M2M) interfaces.
  • Standard way to communicate, independent of device manufacturers and protocols. Support of IT/OT workflows.
  • Easy integration with downstream corporate systems (commercial and technical).
  • Single or multi-tenant solution, while guaranteeing confidentiality of the data.

How we deliver

  • Project governance: embracing PMO (reporting, planning, tracking and assurance), design authority, communication & program engagement and commercial management
  • Solution delivery: analysis of functional and non-functional elements, phased delivery (sprint of design, build and development) and testing
  • Solution assurance with solution testing, audits (system, infrastructure and data), release management
  • Market readiness with market testing, market communication, market certification and data migration