CGI’s holistic and balanced DevOps Reference Model provides a blueprint for high-performing IT organizations. It balances the five key dimensions of governance, culture, metrics, process and architecture, and tools.
CGI’s transformational application services approach based on an agile, outcome based model is designed to continuously improve performance, enhance quality and drive innovation.

CGI agile services include planning and implementing agile transformation projects, as well as coaching and training clients on agile methods. We adapt agile methods to client needs; for example, Scrum for project deliveries, Kanban for minor development and maintenance support, and SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) for the large-scale implementation of agile methods across an organization or in extensive projects.


CGI has helped clients implement agile methods in line with SAFe since 2010 across a wide range of organizations and project sizes. The aim of CGI's agile methods consultation and transformation services include:

  • Bring the business closer to R&D (transparency, metrics)

  • Ensure maximum value creation (management by benefits)

  • Facilitate program and project implementation (small batch sizes, minimization of unfinished work)

  • Improve decision-making mechanisms to make them more agile (self-steering teams)

  • Create a culture of continuous learning throughout the organization

CGI is a Gold Partner of SAI (Scaled Agile Inc.), an organization dedicated to helping enterprises discover more efficient ways of realizing value through the adoption of SAFe. We’re also a certified SAFe Program Consultant Trainer.