Reimagining child welfare services

The transformative potential of Comprehensive Child Welfare Information Systems (CCWIS) and the profound opportunities it unveils are unprecedented. CCWIS represents a pathway to reimagining child welfare services, elevating data-driven decision-making, enhancing interagency collaboration, and ultimately, improving the lives of vulnerable children and families. Child welfare programs are in the midst of a major transformation. In recent years, agencies have undergone significant changes in response to evolving needs from a societal and practice methodology perspective. The related cultural, programmatic, and policy changes are ripe for applying innovative technology to optimize efficacy and impact.

CCWIS regulations and the promise they hold

This whitepaper explores the pivotal role of CCWIS regulations by the Administration for Children and Families (ACF) in transforming practice and programs for child welfare agencies. CCWIS compliance is not merely a regulatory requirement; it's an opportunity for child welfare agencies to embrace transformation, improve supporting practices, enhance data quality, and deliver services more effectively. This paper examines the significance of CCWIS compliance and the immense promise that CCWIS holds for the future of child welfare in the United States.

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