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Contract information table:

Contract Information: DIR-CPO-4932

Contract name: Deliverables Based IT Services Contract (DBITS)

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DIR-CPO-4932 Contract Details

Statement of Work (SOW)

Contract documents:

Appendix A, Standard Terms and Conditions

Appendix B, HUB Subcontracting Plan

Appendix C, Sample Statement of Work


Description of Services Awarded:

This contract offers the following services.


Application Development, Maintenance, and Support; Technology Upgrade, Migration, and

Transformation; and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Application development, maintenance, and support is the development of new applications that may be mainframe-, server-, network-, or web-based (or a combination). Technology upgrade, migration, and transformation services involve the process of updating, transitioning, or transforming existing technology solutions. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) services include the development, enhancement, and support of an organization’s “back office” information systems – designed to automate and integrate a variety of functions, including finance, human resources, and asset management.

The range of our services within this category include:

  • Pre-transformation assessments and planning, including business case development
  • Human-centric requirements gathering, human-centric design, and business process reengineering
  • Robust architecture design and efficient codification
  • Testing, deployment, and documentation
  • Mobile and web application development
  • Custom application development, low-code platform development, and commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) product implementations
  • Data integration design and development, including data migration and conversion
  • Maintenance and operations of both legacy and new solutions
  • Organizational transformation, including training and change management


Business Intelligence (BI), Data Management, Analytics, and Automation, including Data Warehousing

Business intelligence(BI)facilitates detailed analysis by mining business data and offering crucial insights to users. It encompasses operational and decision support applications and uses tools to access data warehouse information. A data warehouse collects and organizes data for analysis, consolidating information from diverse sources to provide context for reporting and analysis across an organization.

We offer comprehensive BI, data management, analytics, and automation services, including:

  • Data strategy development and planning
  • Data governance planning and implementation
  • Data and analytics solution design and implementation, including data warehouses, data marts, data pipelines, reports, and dashboards
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning(ML), including use case development, prototype development, and implementation of operational AI/ML solutions


a. IT Assessments, Planning

IT assessments and planning services provide comprehensive evaluation of IT effectiveness, maturity, governance, and architecture. These services involve strategic planning activities (e.g., developing mission statements, visioning, and formulating goals, objectives, and strategies). Additionally, assessments cover staff knowledge, skills, and abilities; bandwidth considerations; time and motion studies; and succession planning. The scope extends to providing actionable plans and roadmaps for strategic and tactical planning, and it includes elements such as organizational change management (OCM), enterprise architecture, cloud assessments, and network performance assessments.

b. Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V)

Independent verification and validation (IV&V) services include the in-depth analysis of a product, service, or system for compliance with requirements. IV&V also includes the independent oversight of software (or system) development life cycle (SDLC) processes and specifications.

c. Market Research, Procurement Advisory, and Contract Implementation Services

Market research, procurement advisory, and contract implementation services involve activities that ensure an effective procurement process, such as requirements gathering, scoring criteria development, negotiation guidance, and contract transition assistance.


Project and Program Management

Project and program management services include any and/or all of the project management, processes identified by the Project Management Institute (PMI) using the Texas Project Delivery Framework. Information about the framework tool can be found on the Texas DIR Project Delivery Framework website.

Examples of services include:

How to order:

Contact the CGI Technologies and Solutions, Inc. website for product and pricing information or contact Jaclyn Beerens at 512-484-2346.

Generate a purchase order made payable to CGI Technologies and Solutions, Inc, and you must reference the DIR Contract Number DIR-CPO-4932 on your purchase order.

E-mail or fax your purchase order and quote form to your designated vendor sales representative.

Customers acquiring products and services under this awarded master contract will be required to execute a Purchase Order directly with CGI.

Customers purchasing services under this contract shall negotiate pricing directly with CGI in accordance with the Customer's Supplemental Agreement and/or Statement of Work.

CGI Technologies and Solutions, Inc. DIR Deliverables Based IT Services Contract Contract Number: DIR-CPO-4932

Product Warranty and Return Policies Order Fulfiller will adhere to the Vendor’s then-currently published policies concerning product warranties and returns. Product warranty and return policies for Customers will not be more restrictive or more costly than warranty and return policies for other similarly situated Customers for like products. For quotes, purchase orders or warranty information, please contact Jaclyn Beerens, CGI Technologies and Solutions, Inc., at 512-484-2346 or to find out more and discuss your specific requirements. The PO must contain the contract number DIR-CPO-4932. 

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