Federal agencies continuously collect large volumes of data — financial data, scientific data, personnel records, taxpayer information, surveillance imagery, demographic material, and much more. All this data represents tremendous opportunity for gaining insights, projecting trends, managing agency resources, and fulfilling mission expectations. However, awash with data, agency leaders recognize the challenge of harnessing its power, both within the agency and across agency lines.

With the maturity of technologies such as cloud-based data lakes and artificial intelligence (AI) techniques such as large language models, technologies are available to enable data mining and analysis. Technology alone, though, cannot transform a deluge of data into decision-making dynamo.

Federal C-suite executives must combine their wisdom and leverage their authority to unleash the power of data for the benefit of federal missions. AGA and CGI invited federal executives to share insights on how their agencies are making the most of their data and what they believe the future holds. This report summarizes their comments captured at a December 2023 roundtable meeting.

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