Moving to the cloud introduces greater complexity in assuring the security, confidentiality, integrity and availability of applications and data. Government in particular faces extensive compliance requirements. With a depth of experience in providing cloud-based security for large enterprises, CGI’s proven cloud security assessment and authorization (A&A) services help clients achieve and maintain compliance for the full range of cloud models.

An unpredictable security compliance process can lead to increased costs, missed opportunities and overall frustration. Knowing what to expect beforehand can help smooth and streamline the process itself. CGI’s A&A services help clients develop successful paths to authorization by setting stakeholder expectations upfront. Our subject matter experts work closely with our clients to develop the quickest, most cost-effective plans and approaches. The ultimate goal is a predictable assessment outcome that meets government and industry security guidelines and standards. Our key A&A readiness services address:

  • Planning and communications–Reduce schedule risk by identifying internal and external dependencies, sources and magnitude of risks, and by coordinating and facilitating mitigation strategy and tactic discussions and consensus among stakeholders.
  • Control selection, implementation and documentation–Select and implement the most effective controls to mitigate risk to data while meeting compliance requirements. Well-documented control implementation increases system readiness for transition to operation or to undergo assessment by a third party. For the latter, it also improves the rate at which a successful outcome is achieved.
  • Control validation–Provide assurance that controls meet objectives and produce the desired outcomes. Control validation further increases the probability of quickly and successfully completing an assessment by a third party within an initially planned budget and schedule.
  • Internal training–Increase an internal compliance team’s capabilities and experience to conduct future assessments and improve outcomes.